Social Service Utilization (Poverty) Study

In early 2013, Briar Cliff University’s Siouxland Research Center (SRC) was contacted by the Comprehensive Strategy Council about conducting a study of Woodbury County residents whose income levels fell at or below the poverty level.   The primary purpose of the study was to help determine what barriers, if any, prevented residents from utilizing social service agencies in the Siouxland area.  To help answer this question, the SRC first conducted focus groups with members of the target population, and then mailed surveys to approximately 1500 Woodbury Country residents who met study criteria.

Click here to view results of the research–Power Point Presentation by the Siouxland Research Center Siouxland Social Service Utilization Study

Click here to read the Executive Summary for the Siouxland Social Service Utilization Study Executive Summary of the Siouxland Social Service Utilization Study – tk edit