Siouxland CARES About Substance Abuse

Siouxland CARES is a volunteer driven community coalition formed to bring about community changes related to alcohol and other drug abuse and related violence. Formed in 1987 to address adolescent substance abuse, CARES has expanded its efforts to include the abuse of alcohol and other drugs and related violence by all age groups. CARES is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation.

Siouxland CARES and Sioux City were the recipients of the 2011 Iowa Community of Character Award.

CARES coordinated the effort to have Sioux City, Iowa certified as a SAFE (Substance Abuse Free Environment) Community in 1991 and is a former member of the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA).

Siouxland CARES is an affiliated agency of the United Way of Siouxland and a former Drug Free Communities Support Program grantee from the SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) and ONDCP (Office of National Drug Control Policy).

Our 13-member Board of Directors, 50-member Advisory Board, and committee volunteers represent the many community systems including:

  • Parents
  • Youth
  • Media
  • Aftercare
  • Treatment
  • Government
  • Justice
  • Health Care
  • Business
  • Civic Groups
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Religious 
  • Institutions
  • Military

Siouxland CARES 2015 Annual Report

Community-Wide Awareness, Resources, Education and Support

Number of Volunteers & Hours

394 volunteers contributed 10,190 hours

 Meetings Coordinated or participated in aimed reducing substance abuse


Materials Distributed


 Positive Youth Development Sessions



  • Alcohol Awareness Month and Red Ribbon Week Proclamations
  • Conducted survey of NCYL students at leadership conference
  • Assisted with updating data for Comprehensive Strategy annual report and Dakota County Juvenile Services plan
  • Conducted compliance checks at 31 businesses in Dakota County
  • Conducted parents survey at area schools
  • Conducted survey with 71 new MYC members on the greatest problems facing youth


  • Social Media, marketing, community norms, beSomebody campaign.


  • Coordinated or participated in 244 meetings aimed at affecting community laws and norms related to substance abuse and its related violence in the tri-state area.


  • Television, radio, and printed media contacts and articles resulted in 355 contacts.
  • Siouxland CARES distributed 28,974 pieces of information for meetings, alternative articles, and presentations.
  • Siouxland CARES 35,054 texts to 453 contacts in the Siouxland area.
  • Distributed 66 informational tweets and reached 198 followers on Twitter.
  • Siouxland CARES used the Sioux City Journal, radio spots, E-Newsletter, presentations, Twitter, and Facebook pages to utilize and deliver information to the community.

Providing Support

  • Volunteers were involved in 41 community service activities, some services included:
    • MYC Tennis Wall fundraiser
    • Planting red tulips
    • Little Free Library
  •  Coordinated Dakota County Teen Court Sessions, which includes hearings, meetings and training.
  • Facilitated activities for the Sioux City Mayor’s Youth Commission and Sioux City Young Ambassadors. 


  • Conducted evaluations of NCYL Salute Leadership Conference, Public Safety Impacts of Marijuana Legalization, Mayor’s Youth Commission Seniors, and other leadership
  • 31 compliance checks resulted in a 94% compliance rate
  • Conducted parent surveys at East, North, West, Bishop Heelan, and South Sioux City.
    • Collected 141 surveys, 70 signed up for E-Newsletter
    •    MYC new member survey-greatest problem facing youth–Alcohol and drugs, Bullying, Lack of school or community involvement, Peer pressure, Cell phone obsession

Purpose of the “beSomebody” initiative:

The ‘beSomebody’ is a campaign on good citizenship, role modeling, reducing bullying, and eliminating alcohol and other drug abuse. This initiative provides direction to youth and adults to show that in order to make positive change, we must start with ourselves by displaying good character and standing up for what is right.

Continued coordination of the beSomebody initiative.

  • Sent weekly texts to 453 young people with positive, uplifting messages.
  • Maintained beSomebody Twitter page and Facebook page
  • Middle and High School Youth formed beSomebody groups to address a need in their school.
  • Provided educational trainings in English and Spanish
  • 2015 beSomebody awards: Briar Cliff University Enactus Team, Michael McGowan, Great West Casualty Company Teen Court Judges

Sources: Siouxland CARES Parent Survey, Sioux City Mayor’s Youth Commission New Member Applications, SSC Compliance Checks

 beSomebody SponsorsSiouxland CARES, United Way of Siouxland, Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention, Kind World Foundation, Briar Cliff University Enactus, Sioux City Mayor’s Youth Commission, Bishop Heelan Catholic High School, Sioux City Public Schools, Clear Channel Radio/KISS, Avery Brothers, The Bass Agency, Kay Flo Services, Elks Lodge & Bully Prevention Community Coalition.