The Purpose of the beSomebody Initiative:  ‘beSomebody’ is a social norming campaign on good citizenship, doing the right thing, role modeling, reducing bullying, and eliminating alcohol and other drug abuse.  This initiative provides direction to youth and adults to show that in order to make positive change, we must start with ourselves by displaying good character and standing up for what is right. 

Background:  This initiative was the result of community leaders coming together and talking about the problem of substance abuse and related violence issues.  Their message was that somebody needs to do something, somebody needs to communicate positive and uplifting messages to young people, young adults, and parents.  That somebody is us—we each need to hold ourselves accountable to be that positive agent of change.  

Overall Outcome:  There will be positive community change related to substance abuse, violence/bullying, and service to our community.  This will be evidenced by awareness programs that move people to action, including the expanded use of social media, increases in participation in community service activities, and collaborative actions of support, recognition, and celebration that further CARES’ mission. 



Briar Cliff University Enactus Team is assisting with spreading the work about how to “be Somebody” by assisting groups in the Sioux City Middle and High Schools.  Attached is information about the initiative.  

beSomebody Packet from BCU Enactus 2014



East Middle and Bishop Heelan Holy Cross Winners in the beSomebody Video Contest

SIOUX CITY, Iowa – The winners of this year’s beSomebody Video Contest were announced at a recent press conference on the Briar Cliff campus.  Sioux City East Middle School’s anti-bullying video took the grand prize and Bishop Heelan Holy Cross School was second in the recent beSomebody Video Contest, sponsored Briar Cliff University Enactus, Siouxland CARES, and the United Way of Siouxland.

Members of the East Middle School team who took home the $250 grand prize were Ashly Flynn and Joslyn.

Bishop Heelan Holy Cross team members won $100 and were:  Kade Bratzel, Christopher Courtney, Sidney Gonzales, Megan Janseen, Alaina Lyons, Patrick McGowan, Sean McGarry, Sam McGowan, and Abbie Tornell.

“This video contest demonstrates the power of social media to create awareness and action among students,” said BCU senior Mark Samuelson, Enactus project chairperson and business administration major at Briar Cliff.  

Siouxland CARES reports that the reactions of peers play an important role in affirming or condemning the behavior of the bully.  We know that when peers behave as Upstanders, they are successful over half the time; however, peers choose to intervene in less than 20% of the incidents. These videos highlight what youth and schools can do to increase the number of times we intervene in order to reduce the bullying problem in our community. 

Both schools will be turning their winning video into a radio public service announcement as well, compliments of Clear Channel Radio.  This way their voice will be twice as powerful. 

Videos can be viewed on the Siouxland CARES beSomebody facebook page.