Source For Siouxland Data


It’s here! To view the Source For Siouxland Website and get the 2021 Data Booklet from Source For Siouxland, please click here. 

Comprehensive Strategy Booklets

2018 Data Booklet.

2017 Data Booklet: **Please note:  On page 5 of the 6 page Risk Factory spreadsheet, the Divorce data should include this note–This is the divorce data that the state has, however, it is incomplete as some data has not been submitted to them.  Also attached is even more data on our Collective Impact Initiative on Academic Failure Beginning in Elementary School, Early Literacy. Early Literacy Worksheet for July 20 2017 for website.

2016 Data Booklet: Progress Report with data on Risk Factors, Health, School, and Youth Problem Behaviors-distributed July 20, 2016

Grade Level by Eight-Sioux City Schools 2016-PowerPoint from the Sioux City Community Schools-presented on July 20, 2016

2015 Data Booklet-Progress Report-distributed June 11, 2015

Teen Sexual Health full guide 2015-Data, Local Resources, Communication Resources

2014 Data booklet-Progress Report

2013 Progress Report

2013 Data Packet

2012 Progress Report

Data_and_Outcomes 2012 for website

2012 Health Rankings June

Data for Urban 8 backside

Data Packet 2012