Siouxland CARES 2012 Annual Report to the Community

2012 Annual Report

Siouxland CARES (Community-Wide Awareness, Resources, Education and Support) About Substance Abuse is a community coalition comprised of 350 volunteers. Volunteers for Siouxland CARES, representing 12 community systems, and staff contributed 16,296 hours in 2012 to CARES programs and services. The mission of CARES is to improve the quality of life in Siouxland by eliminating the abuse of alcohol and other drugs and related violence.


Children, youth, and families will be free from substance abuse as a result of our community actively addressing the issues.


Siouxland CARES is a community anti-drug coalition whose mission is to improve the quality of life in Siouxland by eliminating the abuse of alcohol and other drugs and related violence.

Community Goal Statement
The community will work collaboratively to create a culture that values a substance-abuse free lifestyle as the norm for our community.

Definition of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is the inappropriate or excessive use of any substance, legal or illegal, which creates harmful consequences to self or others. 

Priority Goals:  Reduce substance abuse among youth and, over time, among adults and establish and strengthen collaboration. 

 Community-Wide Awareness, Resources,
Education and Support

Volunteer & Staff Hours

Number of Volunteers

Meetings coordinated or participated in aimed at reducing substance abuse

Compliance Checks Conducted

Materials Distributed
94,321 Pieces

Positive Youth Development Sessions

Youth Survey Participants
5,186 Students

25th Anniversary Attendance
178 Adults
56 Youth

 2012 Outcomes 
 Reduction from 2011 of 12th Graders Using Alcohol- Past 30 Days


Reduction from 2011 of 12th Graders Binge Drinking-Past 30 Days
Reduction of 10th Graders Driving a Car after Using Alcohol in the Past

 Reduction from 2011 of students who have taken prescription drugs without a prescription

Students Who Believe Their Parents Would Feel It Was Wrong or Very Wrong for them to Drink Alcohol
Parents who felt they had the greatest impact on their child’s actions
Parents who felt they had the power to prevent their child from abusing alcohol and other drugs.
Parents who felt their child was prepared to deal with bullying situations.
Dakota County compliance check-  no sell rate
Students learned new information that they will use in the future – NCYL Youth Salute Leadership Forum


 beSomebody Campaign

Distributed 54,880 beSomebody Second Step pieces in Sioux City Schools.

Distributed 4th and 5th Grade beSomebody card kits to 80 teachers.  2,000 parents receive these cards weekly for 22 weeks.

Sent weekly texts to more than 400 young people with positive, uplifting messages.

Clear Channel Radio donated radio public service announcements and Avery Brothers billboards.

Annual beSomebody awards given to Will Meier and Bishop Heelan High School.

Bully Prevention Community Coalition formed and utilizing beSomebody materials.

United Way mini-grant funding distributed to youth groups at Bishop Heelan High, East High, Lawton-Bronson, North High, & Sergeant Bluff-Luton for bully prevention activities. 

Conducted YouTube Video Contest sponsored by Briar Cliff University Enactus, CARES, and United Way of Siouxland promoted in Sioux city middle and high schools.

Received 13 entries: East High, North High, North Middle, East Middle, West Middle, Bishop Heelan High, Sacred Heart — 17,066 video views.

Local contest winners were North High School and Bishop Heelan High School.  

Five winning school videos submitted to the Iowa Governor’s Contest. 

beSomebody Sponsors:  Siouxland CARES, United Way of Siouxland, Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention, Kind World Foundation, Briar Cliff University Enactus, Sioux City Mayor’s Youth Commission, Bishop Heelan Catholic High School, Sioux City Public Schools, Clear Channel Radio/KISS, Avery Brothers and The Bass Agency.  

Siouxland CARES 2012 Activities


Conducted CARES annual Greater Sioux City Metro Area Youth Survey for 5,186 students, in cooperation with eight area school districts, the Northwest Area Education Agency and
Briar Cliff University Social Science Research Center.

Conducted Parent Survey for 233 parents during 9th Grade Orientation Sessions at North, East, West, and Bishop Heelan High Schools.

Worked in cooperation with Comprehensive Strategy Data Collection committee to update risk factor and outcome data.

Conducted 28 compliance checks in Dakota County, Nebraska, in cooperation with the South Sioux City Police Department, and Sioux City Mayor’s Youth Commission.


CARES coordinated or participated in 301 meetings aimed at affecting community laws and norms related to substance abuse and its related violence in the tri-state area.

Served as the local coalition/fiscal agent for local Chapter of the National Council on Youth Leadership.

Received cash donations from Barbara & Jack Aalfs, Aalfs Manufacturing, Missy & Kory Ackerman,  Mary & Randy Bachman, Craig & Sandy Bainbridge, Wayne & Joyce Barnes, Mary & John Baryo, Bass Advertising, Jim & Diane Bauerly, Barbara Benson, Allison Beumler, Dennis & Diana Bixenman, Chris & Amy Bork, Katie Brannen, Briar Cliff University, Kris & Tim Brown, Judy & Paul Burke, Randy & Deb Burnight, CNOS Foundation, Jean Carlson, Zac and Chris Chwirka, Don and Lisa Claeys-Action Moving, Bradley & Jennifer Clay, Kim Crees, City of Sioux City, City of South Sioux City, Cultivating Minds – Alan Heisterkamp, Dakota County Bar Association, Rita & Dan DeJong, Norma DeLaO, Joe Delperdang, Mark & Renee DeMay, Colleen Dennis, Jan Ditmeyer, Bill & Terri Dooley, Paul Eckert, Esther Publishing, Linnea Fletcher, Dave Gerkin, John & Ellen Glidden, Jason & Laura Glover,  Mike & Carolyn Goodwin, Tom & Jody Graham, Great West Casualty Company, Kevin & Brenda Grieme, Joanne Grueskin, John & Patricia Gunia, Roger & Linda Gunn, Jerry & Deb Hale, Al & Karen Harris, Jim Hartje, Stew & Mary Ellen Hartman, Jack & Sharon Hartnett, Richard Hayes, Maureen & Dan Heffernan, Alan & Pat  Heisterkamp, Helios Foundation, Tom & Vicki Hepperlen, Bernie Hess, Debbie Hubbard, Bev & Brent Huldeen, IBEW Local 231, ICF International, Iowa Medical Society Alliance, Jackson Recovery Centers, Jackson Recovery Centers SPF SIG grant, Mellanie Jacobson, P.J. Jennings, Doug & Vickie Johnson, Junior League of Sioux City-Mildred Anderson Grant, Juvenile Court Services, Bruce & Linda Kalin, John & Lynett Kayl, Kevin Keane, Kurt & Lisseth Kefgen,  Pat Krage/Tom Tucker, Gay & Kirby Larson, Joy Larson, Joseph & Sheila Liewer, Marlene Lindell, Debbie Logan, Jason Long, Gerald & Sheryl McGowan, Mike & Mary McGowan, McGowan Medical, Cindy McLaughlin & Dwight Packard, Mike & Ann Marie McTaggart, Dave & Mary Madsen, Will & Tonya Meier, Laurel Meine, Bob & Holly Meis, Terry & Debbie Monk, Cindy & Dan Moser, Sandy Nation & Dennis McGill, Lisa & Zach Nelson, Beth Noel, Brenda & Chris Norvell, Paul Olson, David & Joan Paulsrud, Bob & Ginny Peterson Foundation, Ginny Peterson, Glen & Cheri Phillips, Linda Phillips, Vandle & Doris Phillips, Pfizer Foundation, Stormy Poss, Mike & Helena Potash, Brent & Lori Pruehs, Joseph & Michelle Puetz, Scott & Kim Rager, Joy Reuss, Patti Robinson, Jim & Fern Rocklin, Todd Roerig, Ron & Robbie Rohlena, John Ross, Regina Roth, Rex & Maria Rundquist, Aaron & Carmen Rush, Siouxland Council on Child Abuse and Neglect, Kim & Pat Sealey, Laura & Randy Schiltz, Bob Scott, Marc & Maria Green-Sherman, SHIP, Pat Slaughter, Sioux City Police Officer Assn., Siouxland Community Foundation, Barb & Tom Small, Andy & Lisa Soukup, Spears Family Foundation, Jennifer & Ross Stephens, Bonnie Storm, Thor & Karin Swanson, Brenda & Barry Thelen, Kathy Thompson, Kyle & Matt Tipton, Nick Topf, Susan & Mike Unger, United Way of Siouxland, Karleen Waller, Mary & Michael Walsh, Gary & Nancy Wenell, Melvin Williams, Elizabeth Wiltgen, Jay & Christy Wright, Doug Young, Joni Yudka, Kim Watson, Woodbury County Sheriff’s Assn.

Received designations through the United Way from:  Amber Agrimson, Julie Boston, Paul Crandell, Dale Brian Davis, Marilyn Eastman, Carla Granstrom, Debbie Hubbard, Marlin Jeffers, Roger Lane, Ricky Mach, Chris McGowan, Mike  McGowan, Sandy Nation, Chris Norvell, Ralane Probasco, Robbie Rohlena, Barbara Sloniker, Barbara Small, Dawn Woodford.

Received in-kind donations from Clear Channel Radio, Avery Brothers Sign Company, Bass Advertising, Long Lines, Siouxland Chamber of Commerce, Heartland Paper, Henjes, Conner & Williams, P.C., Briar Cliff University Social Science Research Center, Morningside College, Rex & Maria Rundquist, Brenda Thelen, Klint Clausen, Mike Hoeppner-Village West Resort, Wells Dairy Inc., American Pop Corn, Palmer’s Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe, Rudolph’s Shoe Mart, Country Inn & Suites by Carlson, Graham’s Restaurant, Coffee King, Mary Koster, Genelli Studios, CW Suter, Koated Kernels, Rocket Auto Wash, Porter Apple Co., Famous Dave’s, Perkins Family Restaurant, Promenade Main Street Theaters.

Continued to work in cooperation with the following coalitions: Siouxland Council on Child Abuse and Neglect (SCCAN), Jackson Recovery Centers, Mercy Medical Center’s Reality Education Alcohol Program (REAP) Advisory Committee, National Council on Youth Leadership, Comprehensive Strategy, Healthy Siouxland Initiative, SPF SIG Advisory Council, Dakota County Juveniles Services Task Force, United Way Community Impact Teams, and the United Way Executives.


Prepared annual Action Plan.

Updated CARES’ Policy and Procedures Manual.

Updated CARES’ Strategic Plan 2012-2014.


Providing Information

Television, radio, and printed media contacts and articles resulted in 1,709 media contacts.

Distributed 94,321 meeting materials and informational pieces on Red Ribbon Week, parenting skills, alcohol and other drugs, youth surveys, curfews, and community laws.

Distributed 13,433 newsletter e-mails.

Prepared the contents of the Clear Channel Radio Parents Survival Guide that was distributed to 20,000 people in Iowa, Nebraska & South Dakota.

Made 15 presentations to 436 people.

Providing Support

Attended and helped facilitate 27 positive youth development sessions/trainings for the Sioux City Mayor’s Youth Commission, in coordination with the City of Sioux City.

Promoted 37 community service opportunities for youth.

Held kick-off event for Red Ribbon Week and Character Counts Week for 500 youth and adults, in cooperation with the Sioux City Mayor’s Youth Commission and the Sioux City Elks Lodge 112.

Held Young Ambassador Recognition event for 150 people.Continued to offer staff assistance to the Sioux City Mayor’s Youth Commission, Siouxland Council on Child Abuse and Neglect-SCCAN, and National Council on Youth Leadership.

Enhancing Skills

Coordinated 45 Teen Court sessions, meetings, trainings and hearings for the Teen Court in South Sioux City, Nebraska. Continued to work in collaboration with Woodbury County Juvenile Intake to accept Woodbury County cases.

Assisted with coordination of the National Council on Youth Leadership training for 91 high school juniors in April and Recognition Ceremony for 350 people in September. Sponsors included Morningside College, Genelli Studios, Siouxland Community Foundation, and Siouxland CARES, as well as community volunteers and interviewers.

In cooperation with the Sioux City Mayor’s Youth Commission, 45 Mayor’s Youth Commission members coordinated an 8th grade Leadership Forum in April for 50 students.

Enhancing Access/Reducing Barriers

Distributed materials to parents during 9th grade orientation sessions at North, East, West, and Bishop Heelan High Schools.

Provided 62 referrals for evaluations, data, media, parenting, law research, and coalitions.

Maintained a Substance Abuse Evaluation Referral Resource list with 14 referral sources.

Modifying/Changing Policies

Traveled to Des Moines with 30 youth and 3 adults on 1/25/12. Met with the Iowa Office of Drug Control Policy and Sioux City legislators.


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